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Monthly Archives: March 2017

British High Court Forces Uber Drivers to Take English Tests

Uber has lost a battle in the British High Court which has ruled that all private hire taxi companies must have their drivers pass an English language test to be allowed to operate in London. High Court Judge John Mitting shut down Uber’s appeal of Transport for London’s (TfL)

Google ‘Smart Speaker’ Spreads Fake News

Google’s household personal assistant, Google Home, has been accused of spreading fake news as the device reads conspiracy theories when questioned on certain topics. The Outline reports that Google is facing accusations of spreading fake news by Google Home users who are shocked by the answers they

Blue State Blues: The Deliberate Politicization of Intimacy

One of the more interesting lessons Democrats may learn in their newfound enthusiasm for George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four — which is a critique of socialism, but never mind — is the way that totalitarian societies destroy intimate relationships. In the dystopian future envisioned by Orwell, children betray their parents to

Public University Lays off 79 IT Workers, Outsources Work Overseas

The University of California, San Francisco, laid off 79 IT workers this week after making the decision to outsource their work to a firm in India. The University of California, San Francisco, which offers various graduate-level programs, has elected to lay off 79 IT workers and offshore their responsibility

Rex Tillerson Awarded $180 Million Retirement Package

Exxon’s former CEO Rex Tillerson received a $180 million retirement package, according to the Wall Street Journal, as he prepares for congressional hearings to confirm his nomination as President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of State. He stepped down from Exxon Mobile on January 1, 2017. Tillerson’s unvested company

Amazon Claims Web Shutdown Was Due to Typo

Amazon claims that the shutdown on Tuesday of over one million websites who use the company’s web-hosting service was due to an employee “typo.” “At 9:37AM PST, an authorized S3 team member using an established playbook executed a command which was intended to remove a small