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Singer sentenced to jail for eating a banana is just one example of censorship in Egypt

What happened?

Last month, an Egyptian court sentenced a 21-year-old woman to two years in jail. Her crime? “Inciting debauchery and immortality” … by eating a banana in a music video. Egyptian singer Shyma was additionally fined 10,000 Egyptian pounds.

How “scandalous” was this video? 

Shyma appeared in her underwear in the video and “suggestively” ate a banana. Egypt is still a conservative and censorious nation, and the music video for Shyma’s “I Have Issues” sparked controversy.

Have Egyptian police arrested other singers for similar reasons?

Yes. In 2015, a female dancer was sentenced to a year in prison for a music video with supposedly overtly raunchy dancing, while artist Laila Amer was reportedly arrested earlier this month for “inciting debauchery” with gestures in a video.

Doc and Kal recently talked about Egypt’s continued crackdown on free speech.

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