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Feminist Designer of ‘Nasty Woman’ T-Shirts Expands Business

The left-wing feminist t-shirt designer who created the infamous “Nasty Woman” t-shirt is now expanding her business, but says she does not want to “capitalize on feminism.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Amanda Brinkman said she was expanding her t-shirt business to include more anti-President Trump slogans. Of course, the “Nasty Woman” t-shirt is based on the 2016 presidential debate moment when Trump called his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” for her attacks on him.

Since that moment, Brinkman has profited from the slogan, while donating some of the proceeds to abortion-provider Planned Parenthood and the left-wing ACLU.

“After the shirt initially went viral, I really wanted to think about different ways to sustain it,” Brinkman said. “I really wasn’t interested in going for the low hanging fruit of turning the Nasty Woman heart logo into baby clothes or putting it all over every kind of product imaginable.”

Her new t-shirts will include slogans such as “She persisted,” in reference to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) breaking U.S. Senate rules, and the words “Grab back” coupled with a graphic of a cat, in reference to Trump’s now infamous Access Hollywood tapes.

But, while Brinkman’s business model is to sell third-wave, anti-Trump feminism, she says she does not want to capitalize off feminism:

One thing I noticed in terms of apparel that has feminist slogans printed across it, is a lot of times these were being made by big box companies. People who were interested in making a quick buck who didn’t [contribute a portion of proceeds to charity.] Also, often times these shirts were being made in factories that are not well regulated, with girls working in pretty hazardous conditions.

We wanted to expand the online store to more of a platform to work with independent contractors and online brands. People who give back, people who are thoughtful about where their materials are coming from, people who aren’t capitalizing on feminism, per se.

As for Brinkman’s favorite anti-Trump t-shirts, she says its one that features the President with a clown nose that reads “F— no.” Brinkman also likes the pro-Hillary Clinton t-shirt that claims “The Future is Female.”

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