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Feminist Designer of ‘Nasty Woman’ T-Shirts Expands Business

The left-wing feminist t-shirt designer who created the infamous “Nasty Woman” t-shirt is now expanding her business, but says she does not want to “capitalize on feminism.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Amanda Brinkman said she was expanding her t-shirt business to include more anti-President Trump slogans.

Here’s why meal kit companies like Blue Apron may be in crisis

What’s happening? Blue Apron, the biggest meal kit company in an increasingly crowded market, has been floundering financially. The delivery service fired its CEO last month, replacing co-founder Matt Salzberg with CFO Brad Dickerson. The change made Blue Apron stock jump … for the first time

Glenn makes 7 surprising predictions for the economy in 2018

Nostra-Glennmus? Glenn has been trying his hand at fortune-telling ever since he got back from vacation. Nostradamus, is that you? Perhaps he’s got a crystal ball up there at his ranch, or maybe he’s figured out how to read tea leaves? Whatever the reason, Glenn has been making a slew

Goldman-Sachs Says an Asteroid Mining Rush Is Coming

Goldman-Sachs made its case for mining platinum in space in a 98-page note to its clients. According to the Business Insider report, Noah Poponak and a team of analysts have made a forceful argument for the costs versus benefits of chipping platinum from roaming asteroids: While

Uber CEO Apologizes After Caught on Camera Arguing with Company Driver

“Bloomberg on Tuesday published a video of Kalanick, a co-founder of the company, arguing with a driver who tells him that rates have been cut and he has lost money,” reported Reuters. “The 40-year-old Kalanick responds angrily that some people don’t take responsibility for their own

Google Gives $11.5 Million to Combat ‘Racial Bias’ in Justice System

Google has pledged $11.5 million to combat “racial bias” and “disparities” in the criminal justice system, according to USA Today. “Among the organizations receiving funds from is the Center for Policing Equity, a national research center that collaborates with police departments and the communities they serve

Rex Tillerson Awarded $180 Million Retirement Package

Exxon’s former CEO Rex Tillerson received a $180 million retirement package, according to the Wall Street Journal, as he prepares for congressional hearings to confirm his nomination as President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of State. He stepped down from Exxon Mobile on January 1, 2017. Tillerson’s unvested company