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UN-Run Schools Erase Israel

Ynetnews reports: An Israeli investigation into school books used by United Nations-run schools in the West Bank were found to consistently delegitimize and demonize the State of Israel. These textbooks—written by the Palestinian Ministry of Education—are used in schools run by the United Nations Relief and

Four Songs that Rankled Authoritarians in 2016

With freedom of expression increasingly under threat by authoritarian governments worldwide, 2016 yielded a crop of loud, defiant tunes from an assortment of envelope-pushers, political dissidents, and would-be pop icons. While not all the artists on this list intended up upset the global autocrats, they all

France Outlaws Spanking Kids, Bringing Ban Total to 52 Countries

The French parliament has passed a formal ban on spanking children, bringing the global total to 52 different countries where such corporal punishment in homes is against the law. The new law that went into effect for 2017 bans “any cruel, degrading or humiliating punishment, including any

Israel Awaits Verdict in Soldier Shooting Case

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Last March, Sergeant Elor Azaria, a 19-year-old Israeli army medic deployed to the West Bank, shot and killed a Palestinian assailant as he lay wounded and motionless on the ground after attempting to stab an Israeli soldier. The shooting, and the tense

Syrian Opposition Groups Suspend Negotiations of Peace Talks

For months, Burma (Myanmar) police and soldiers have been committing ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State by scorched earth attacks, burning down their villages, and committing massacres, rapes and other atrocities that have forced tens of thousands to flee for their lives across